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Host a Party and Get Amazing Hostess Rewards!

23rd May 2017

Being a hostess is easy, fun, and a great way to build your library with the amazing hostess rewards! Don’t worry, I’ll help you through the whole process to make it simple for you and rewarding, too!

Pick Your Party Style

Home Show – If you’re local to me (Tallahassee, Florida area), I would be happy to commute to your home, bring along a variety of great books, and have a show right from your home. Home shows do really well as nothing gets you as excited about Usborne books then seeing them first hand.

I like to keep the party simple by letting each of the guests pick a book from my display, flip through it, and then share with the group a little bit about the book they picked and their thoughts. So easy – no long, boring spiels!

Catalog Party – A catalog party can be good for you if you don’t have the space to accommodate a home show, or simply don’t want to stress about a perfect home, but want to be more personal with your guests than an online event.

I’ll send a few catalogs your way in the mail and your job will be bring by a catalog and an order form to your guests. You’ll set a time to return for the order form and catalog so you can pass it on to the next guest and follow-up with any questions or orders from each of the guests.

At the end, we’ll gather all the orders and then place your order for the rewards you’ve racked up!

Facebook Event – The easiest option if your group of friends is tech-savvy, is hosting a party all online through a Facebook event page. It’s not as personal and your guests won’t get to see the books first hand, but it’s a really stress free, fun, LIVE party.

If you like more information on hosting a party, please click on the ‘Host a Party’ link at the top of the page, or contact me via my Contact Deanna’s page.

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